Bonding and White Fillings

At Wasserman Family Dentistry, we understand the value of your smile. We also understand that not every chipped or cracked tooth requires a veneer or crown. Bonding is an excellent option to patch up minor chips, cracks or gaps in your teeth.

Our bonding and white fillings are a great method to enhancing the aesthetic and overall charm of your smile. We deliver you highest standard of bonding that not only boost the smile but also keep your away from any dental decay or deterioration.

We may also use bonding in in cases where you have stained or discolored tooth and you want these problems to be covered up in an appropriate manner. It’s called bonding because a resin is literally bonded to the surface of the tooth. We will match the resin to the color of your teeth so that it looks exactly like your natural teeth when the process is done. The procedure can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

In addition, we also use bonding as a filling in patients where a cavity has been removed.. This white filling is in place of the silver amalgam fillings that were used in the past. Advancements in dental technology have enabled us to deliver you a long-lasting solution in the form of bonding and white fillings.

These solutions are best suited from the result, budget and safety perspectives as beyond that, you may not need anything else! Bonding is typically recommend for the front teeth that do not receive as much pressure as molars, as this procedure is tends to bit a bit weaker than other types of restorations. Call su today to book an appointment and address your dental needs at affordable rates